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Helping Individuals through their law school journey and beyond 

Our Mission

CW's comprehensive and personalized approach helps prospective law school students, recent graduates and professionals develop a narrative that best highlights their talents and vision, and learn how to implement strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve goals throughout their education and career paths. 

Our Services

Pre-Law Advising & Mentorship    

Planning for law school. One on one meetings to dicuss aspirations to law school, answer questions and develop a customized strategy to law school.

Pre-law Volunteer activities overview. Will help you develop targeted opportunities to improve your pre-law admission resume.


Summer intership. Selection, resume review and interview preparation 


Resume review 


Letters of recommendation strategies 

Personal Statement review for Internships, Scholarships, and post-graduation Fellowships


Law Student Career Development
Job Interview


Mentorship development skills

Summer legal internship strategic search


Job search assistance  

Resume and Cover Letter review

Legal Writing sample review


Application preparation for Scholarships, and Fellowships

Customized Action Plan for Overcoming Professional Setbacks

Interview Coaching & Communication

Interview preparation including mock interviews



Development of your Personal Brand and Personal Story


Mentorship development skills

Public Speaking Skills Development


Networking Skills Development

Customized Action Plan for Overcoming Professional Setbacks

LLM Admissions & MBA/JD Admissions

Develop a customized strategy to LLM programs.


Assistance with your personal statement


Resume developement


Strategic advice on letters of recommendation


Interview preparation including mock interviews


Assit applicants with overall communication with law schools.



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